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Redmoor Creative is an agency born out of huge experience and an equal amount of energy. We have an unparalleled insight in the health, well-being and social care sectors and we are proud to work with the NHS and Local Government, but our insight and experience doesn’t stop there.

We have many years’ experience in lots of market sectors from hospitality, travel, food and drink, financial, automotive and much more. Insight, Awareness and Engagement are our watchwords; our insights create compelling campaigns that engage and drive awareness.

We do this by adopting a four stage process - The 4C’s.


Connecting with you and your audience to understand the world you live in. We identify insights that help provide the best possible creative solutions.


We never lose sight of your vision whilst challenging norm’s and assumptions along the way. Our access to a wealth of care sector expertise is second to none.


We base our creative solutions on sound strategy and lots of planning. The end product is the visual language we use to talk to your target audience.


We are about more than just final product. Wherever possible we consolidate final outcomes and are dedicated to showing you the results.

Redmoor Creative

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